When You Might Need a Lift Rental

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When You Might Need a Lift Rental

Investing in construction equipment like aerial lifts can greatly improve your work site’s regular operations. With so many models and types out there, you are bound to find one that matches your needs generally or for a specific day’s work. Nation Wide Ladder understands this need so much, that we have thought of a few […]

4 Items on Any Scaffolding Maintenance Checklist

Nation Wide Ladder receives questions all the time about our scaffolding from our NH and MA customers. We’re always ready to talk about jobsite safety because our customers are what is most important to us! Scaffolding maintenance should be taken seriously, and you should always check these four items before using your scaffolding for any […]

When In Doubt, Use Common Sense!

Whenever we have new customers enter our store for the first time, we’re excited to teach them the ropes of buying ladders in NH! Our experts love to show off some of our latest and greatest construction equipment because it’s what we’re passionate about. Every once in a while, we will receive calls after these […]

Steps to Stabilizing a Ladder

As a company that sells ladders to MA and NH residents everyday, we have new customers walk through the door all the time! It’s exciting for us to work with people who are motivated to improve their business or home, but our biggest concern is safety. We want all of our customers to return time […]

5 Common Mistakes Made with Scaffolding

Selling scaffolding in NH and MA means we’ve heard our share of scary close calls and near misses from our customers. We cringe at the idea of anyone getting hurt on the job site and always want our buyers to be educated about our equipment. There are so many small mistakes that can be made […]

Why We Deliver

There has been more than one occasion when our customers rent or purchase scaffolding in MA or NH and are surprised that Nation Wide Ladder delivers. In fact, we ship anywhere in the United States, which is even more shocking to those who are outside of New England and still want to purchase from us. […]

Nation Wide Ladder Helps Avoid Ladder Disasters

The internet is a great place to go for a laugh or two, and Nation Wide Ladder has been sent multiple pictures of people working on ladders that are cringe worthy! Not only are they often accidents waiting to happen, they are impacting the safety of anyone in the immediate vicinity. We have a few […]

Why You Should Invest in a Fire Escape Ladder

We often talk about all of the fall protection and Alum-A-Pole safety features in our scaffolding because we know how important safety is at Nation Wide Ladder. We want all of our customers to use our ladders with care and to prevent injury, and that is why we have fire escape ladders available for purchase. […]

Safety Tips for Scaffolding Use

Nation Wide Ladder & Equipment Company has been serving NH and MA’s scaffolding needs since 1975. Not only do we want to help with whatever job you’re hoping to complete, we want you to complete it in one piece. We have a few tips to make sure you stay safe while working with our scaffolding […]

Always Triple Check Ladder Instructions

Nation Wide Ladder often answers questions about proper use and safety while using our ladders and scaffolding in MA. Some questions are simpler than others, but one tip we often find ourselves giving and hope our customers take away is using common sense and rereading the instructions of their equipment before use.   Every ladder […]