Fall Protection: Staying Safe at Dangerous Heights

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Fall Protection: Staying Safe at Dangerous Heights

Climbing ladders or scaffolding systems may be second nature to some, but fall protection is an element that remains constant.

Everything You Need to Know About Scaffolding

Scaffolding is a raised platform that’s traditionally used for workers to do work on the outside of a building. The size of the platform will depend on how high the workers are, how many of them are working, and their tools. It’s also sometimes referred to as “staging.” At Nationwide Ladder, we’re committed to providing […]

Choosing The Right Ladder For The Job

Since ladders are so useful and practical, many have come out of the woodwork – especially with the technology available today. Choosing from a wide selection of ladders is a lot easier, though, when you know what to look for. Thinking about the job you need to do will help narrow down the choices, so […]

Top OSHA Violations

As one of the most frequently cited standards in the construction industry, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration works to protect construction workers who use construction equipment such as scaffolding in NH, MA, and across the country. Nation Wide Ladder knows how important it is to keep your crew safe and to avoid delays, and […]

When In Doubt, Use Common Sense!

Whenever we have new customers enter our store for the first time, we’re excited to teach them the ropes of buying ladders in NH! Our experts love to show off some of our latest and greatest construction equipment because it’s what we’re passionate about. Every once in a while, we will receive calls after these […]

Steps to Stabilizing a Ladder

As a company that sells ladders to MA and NH residents everyday, we have new customers walk through the door all the time! It’s exciting for us to work with people who are motivated to improve their business or home, but our biggest concern is safety. We want all of our customers to return time […]

Nation Wide Ladder Helps Avoid Ladder Disasters

The internet is a great place to go for a laugh or two, and Nation Wide Ladder has been sent multiple pictures of people working on ladders that are cringe worthy! Not only are they often accidents waiting to happen, they are impacting the safety of anyone in the immediate vicinity. We have a few […]

Getting the Most Safety Out of Nation Wide Ladders

When you shop with the experts at Nation Wide Ladders, you’re ensuring that you’re not only getting the best rate on ladders, fall protection gear, and accessories for ladders, but you’re helping to ensure you get the right ladder for the right job. Whether it’s a long term purchase for your company, or just a […]

What Ladders in NH Are Constructed From

Ladders help contractors and workers from every field and every profession get their jobs done. More importantly, however, they are designed and manufactured to strict industry standards to help ensure the safety of the workers using them day in and day out. However, there is no such thing as an all-purpose ladder that can be […]

Three Must Have Items for Fall Protection from Nation Wide Ladder

When it comes to the tough jobs and contracts that required extended use of ladders, scaffolding, or high-rise construction equipment, there’s no excuse not to utilize the best fall protection available. Our experts at Nation Wide Ladder know the value of having heavy duty fall protection equipment available to you for the most demanding jobs. […]