Everything You Need to Know About Scaffolding

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Everything You Need to Know About Scaffolding

Scaffolding is a raised platform that’s traditionally used for workers to do work on the outside of a building. The size of the platform will depend on how high the workers are, how many of them are working, and their tools. It’s also sometimes referred to as “staging.” At Nationwide Ladder, we’re committed to providing […]

Why Is Walking Under Ladders Bad Luck?

Even if you don’t believe in luck or spirits, you’ve heard all the classics. Don’t step on cracks, watch out for black cats, and do not, under any circumstances, walk under ladders. Have you ever wondered where these superstitions come from? At Nationwide Ladder, we’re dedicated to knowing everything about MA ladders – including superstitions […]

Benefits of Truck Outfitting

If you have a pickup truck, you likely perform some work that requires you to carry around materials or large equipment. Even though the bed of the truck gives you the flexibility to transport large or awkwardly shaped things, you may not be using it to its full potential. With various ways to outfit your […]

Types of Fall Protection

In the construction world, there is always the possibility of falls. Although some accidents are inevitable, taking steps to minimize the chance of falling on the job can help keep your workers safe and productive, while also keeping insurance costs low. At Nationwide Ladder, we are in the business of selling construction equipment like ladders […]

For Optimal Fall Protection, Get Into These Habits.

The last thing you want to encounter on the job is an accident. Though they are bound to happen, the least we can do is prepare ourselves. When working on a ladder, surroundings are crucial, and practicing good habits and awareness helps makes surroundings easier to work with. To stay well and aware, look around […]

Choosing The Right Ladder For The Job

Since ladders are so useful and practical, many have come out of the woodwork – especially with the technology available today. Choosing from a wide selection of ladders is a lot easier, though, when you know what to look for. Thinking about the job you need to do will help narrow down the choices, so […]

Why Winter is Dangerous for Construction

Nation Wide Ladder wants all of our customers and their crews to be safe, and take special care during the winter seasons. As a company that sells Alum-A-Pole and follows OSHA closely to learn about injury concerns on construction sites, we can think of some reasons that winter is a dangerous time of year for […]

Think Nation Wide Ladder for the Holiday Season

The holidays are only a few weeks away, and you might be still looking for the perfect gifts for your family and other loved ones. Nation Wide Ladder gets it- we have families too. It can be difficult to pull together the perfect gift that hasn’t been done one hundred times before and is also […]

Ladders for Any DIY Project

Nation Wide Ladder’s didn’t just get its name for fun, we supply nearly any ladder to NH and MA residents imaginable. As a premiere ladder company, we know that projects can be big and small, DIY or professionally completed, and whatever your reason for shopping with us, we’re happy to help. We have options for […]

Truck Boxes Built for New England Builders

Working in the construction industry is fast-paced and often you find yourself with a bed full of supplies and tools. Between organization, moving to different job sites, and wanting to keep your tools safe by closing the cover, it’s often found that a truck bed can be in disarray. Nation Wide Ladder has been supplying […]