Need Help With Truck Outfitting?


If so, look no further. The experts at Nation Wide Ladder & Equipment are here to help customize your work truck or van to meet your needs. With truck outfitting, our team of experts will take the time to learn about your role, requirements, and what a typical day looks like for your job. By doing so, we’re able to apply our expertise and suggest the perfect accessories to make your everyday life easier.



One of the most useful accessories any work vehicle could have, boxes are an excellent storage solution. With a wide range of options and sizes, our team will customize a solution to fit seamlessly in any location of your truck or van. Boxes are perfect for storing hand and power tools as well as other small equipment that could otherwise become damage if left loose while driving.


Roof Racks

If a ladder is part of your daily routine, then it’s time to consider a roof rack. Even if your vehicle has the space to store the ladder, with a roof rack, you can utilize that space for other storage options. Roof racks are available in both aluminum and steel to meets the need of any trade. The perfect storage-saving solution for the transportation of large items.


Conduit Carrier

Our heavy-duty aluminum conduit carriers mount easily to a cross-rack and provide ease of access. A safe and secure way to transport conduit.


Bulkhead Partition

A secure, snug-fitting barrier, a bulkhead partition separates the front seats from the rear of the van. The number one purpose of the partition is for driver and passenger safety. If the vehicle is to be hit from behind, hit a large pothole, etc., equipment can dislodge and fly into the front of the van. Not only does this create a potentially dangerous situation for the riders, but equipment or poles could also crash against the windshield.


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Here at Nation Wide Ladder & Equipment, we will not only recommend and sell you the proper accessories for your truck outfitting requirements, but we’ll install them too! As your one-stop work vehicle store, our team looks forward to working with you. Stop by today or give us a call to schedule your free consultation and estimate. Located in Worcester, MA, and Windham, NH, we’re conveniently located for many tradesmen. Call us today to learn more NH 603.434.6911 or MA 508.754.3030.