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Rear Rack – Rail Kit Compatible

Easy to install, easy to remove. The aluminum Universal Detachable Rear Cargo Rack fits most trucks. This detachable rear truck rack is universally adjusted for width. The Glide Track system on the top and rear face allows for easy installation of cargo stops, D-rings, ladder rollers, etc. Includes (2) quick adjust cargo stops, the rear rack tube with tie down holes, vertical legs and (4) 4-Arm Knobs to tighten the Rack to the Rail Kit. The foot of the Rear Rack Includes attached anti-scuff HDPE to reduce abrasion of rail kit powder coating.

Bed Rails

If you love your Magnum truck rack, you'll love these Magnum Bed Rails.

  • Custom Designed to work with your front Magnum Rack
  • No drilling
  • A stylish addition to your truck
  • Secure your load. The interior Glide Track works with sliding D-Rings (optional) to secure your cargo.
  • Complete with everything you need Available standard with a matte black powder coated finish or in mill finish at no extra charge.

Truck Rack With Window Cut Out – Standard

When you need solid construction, strong performance and versatility in a headache rack, our Standard Truck Rack with Window Cutout fits the bill. The window cutout provides superior access for your sliding window while the unique construction allows for the use of most tonneau covers. Featuring all-aluminum welded construction and a tough, matte black powder coat finish, this back rack includes our Glide Track system, making it compatible with all our truck accessories. All these features combine to create one of the most versatile, light weight, strong and durable rear racks in the industry.

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Nation Wide Ladder

Nation Wide Ladder