Van Mark Siding Brake and Accessories

New Casting, lighter yet stronger
Features a 20" throat depth, largest available
Bends up 180° Hems for complex bend profiles
Engineered to perform 5 / 8" bend for tighter J-Channel pockets

Metal Master 20

Maximum Bending Capabilities:
.032" Aluminum (3003H14)
26 ga. Galvanized Steel
26 ga. Painted Steel (Grade D)
24 oz Roofing Copper
.032" Zinc
26 ga. Stainless Steel (304L)

Industrial Metal Master 20 with Master Stand EZ Included

Maximum Bending Capabilities:
.050" Aluminum (3003H14)
20 ga. Galvanized Steel
24 ga. Painted Steel (Grade D)
36 oz Roofing Copper
.050" Zinc
24 ga. Stainless Steel (304L)


The harden steel knives cut up to 24 ga. Painted Steel Grade D and are design to cut through thousands of feet of material without getting dull while leaving a “factory” smooth edge that is free of sharp points.

Multi Gauge

Easy to read protractors show your bend angles
Automatically slides up and down when making full over-bends
Quickly measures distance of TrimCutter™ Cut


Quick lock T-knobs make easy lock and unlock brake from stand
Adjustable for the user’s desired height
Simple 4-piece breakdown for easy transport

Coil Dispenser

Quickly sets up on the job site where you need it
No unraveling of trim coil
Works with TrimCutter™ to allow material to be cut to length