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Van Mark Metal Master 20 With Master Stand EZ Included


Industrial Metal Master 20 With Master Stand EZ Included

  • New Casting, stronger yet lighter
  • Deepest working pocket available at 20″.
  • Extended leverage bending handles, provide (4) points of lifting pressure on hinge, to ensure precise bends.
  • Master Stand (Included) disassembles in seconds for easy transport.
  • New Stronger yet Lighter Casting

    Our new castings are 15% lighter yet 20% stronger than our original. Adds life to the casting and produces more precise bends. Has a 20″ Throat Depth to bend wider material.

  • Power Lock™ Bar

    Provides stronger clamping along the entire bending edge for crisp, clean bends which is even stronger with the new lockmaster castings.

  • Full 150° bending radius

    Makes the second step of “hemming” to 180° even easier

Maximum Bending Capabilities:

.050″ Aluminum (3003H14)

20 ga. Galvanized Steel

24 ga. Painted Steel (Grade D)

36 oz Roofing Copper

.050″ Zinc

24 ga. Stainless Steel (304L)

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