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The L7310 Fiberglass 10ft Leaning Ladder is ideal for the professional. With a duty rating of 375lb, it features the LEANSAFE® ladder top that secures tools and accessories, and is uniquely designed to securely lean against flat wall surfaces, wall corners, poles, and wall studs and perform as a standard stepladder. LEANSAFE® ladders have a lower rear rail to front rail connection point allowing the user to get closer to the work when in stepladder mode. Leaning a standard stepladder is not an option on a jobsite, so we designed the LEANSAFE® ladders with a two color design and highly visible LEANSAFE® logos to make this ladder easily distinguishable from a standard stepladder. Leaning a ladder safely requires that the rear rail is latched to the front rail. Werner’s patent pending single latch design stays engaged when needed, and is centrally located to easily open and close. Anchoring the ladder is the EDGE360® bracing to protect the bottom of the ladder. LEANSAFE® ladder front feet have curved non-marring rubber foot pads that maximize the surface area in both the stepladder and leaning ladder modes. Available in 4, 6, 8, 10, and 12 foot heights. Built with a 375 pound duty rating this L7300 series ladder provides the professional contractor a single ladder that works as an improved standard stepladder and leaning ladder to safely get closer to your work.

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