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Werner Fall Protection R430006LE-R 6FT Bantam Web Self-Retracting Lifeline W/ Aluminum Rebar Hook, Leading Edge Capability


The R430006LE-R 6ft Bantam Web Leading Edge Self-Retracting Lifeline with Aluminum Rebar Hook is a Class 2 device The SRL is tested and approved for use over steel beam, precast concrete, and b-deck leading edge applications. The R430006LE-R has 6 feet of an exclusive blend of Kevlar® and UHMWPE webbing, a thermoplastic housing, andIncludes an ultra-lightweight and compact Backpack Style Energy Absorber for an ultra-lightweight and compact design. The steel harness web connector allows for quick and easy attachment. When attached overhead, the Bantam has a 24-inch maximum arrest distance that is ideal for low clearance applications.

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