Lo-Side Boxes

Lo-Side Boxes are the preferred solution to efficient storage for contracting profes-sionals and service vehicles. Our Lo-Side Truck Boxes provide easy access to hand-held saws, power drills, tool belts, hammers and other tools while keeping the bed of your truck clear for larger items. Lo-Side Boxes can get used separately or in combi-nation with Cross Boxes or Saddle Boxes and come in different sizes and styles to match your truck and your trade.

Featured models in our inventory:

K&W Manufacturing

  • HD 350 Series Side Mount Box (17”H x 11.5” BW x 16.5” O/AW)
    Large capacity
    Full access lid
    Removable parts tray
    .080 gauge aluminum
    Available in bright or black
    KWHB350-48 – 48”L
    KWHB350-65 – 65”L
    KWHB350-90 – 90”L
  • 300 Series Side Mount Box (12”H x 8” BW x 12” O/AW)
    CKWTB300-48 – 48”L
    CKWTB300-60 – 60”L
    CKWTB300-72 – 72”L
    Available in bright or black
    Other Sizes available

HD 350 Series

300 Series

Weather Guard

  • Lo-Side Box (13.25”H x 10.5” BW x 16.25” O/AW)
    Models 174, 184
    ARMOR-TUF® Powder Coat finish
    Limited lifetime warranty
    Sizes available in 47” and 56”
    Available in bright or black

Lo-Side Box - 174