Scaffold Accessories

Cross Braces

All cross braces are fabricated from 1' O.D. galvanized steel tubing with .073" wall thickness. Cross braces are used to join scaffold frames with drop locks at various spacings at 12”, 24”, 27”, 36”, 48”.


Base Plate

Base Plate Provides footing for scaffolding frame assembly on flat surfaces. 6” x 6” plate with nail holes available in standard, 30” adjustable and swivel. Swivel base plate provides footing for frame assembly on uneven and angled surfaces.

Featured models in our inventory:

  • NWBP – Base Plate
  • NWEBP – 30” Adjustable Base Plate
  • NWSBP – Swivel
  • NWLDBP – Light duty Base Plate




Casters are used to create mobile scaffolding by securing to frame legs. Casters have rubber tires that swivel and have locks.

Casters in our inventory:

  • NWC-08 - 8” HD mason scaffold casters
  • NWLDC – Light Duty Casters
  • NWLDC-05 - Light duty scaffold casters


Leveling Jack

Leveling jack with base plate attached, to level scaffolding on uneven surfaces. Stand-ard leveling jacks are 24” in height light duty are 12” in height. Swivel leveling jacks provide footing for frame assembly on uneven and angled surfaces.

Featured models in our inventory:

  • NWLJ – Leveling Jack
  • NWLJ36 – 36” Leveling Jack
  • NWSLJ – Swivel Leveling Jack
  • NWLSS – Leveling Stem
  • NWLDLJ – Light Duty Leveling Jack
  • NWLDLSS – Light Duty Leveling Stem





Outriggers widens the base and stabilizes mobile scaffold towers for light duty and heavy duty frames. Casters not included. Outrigger bracket requires use of a cross brace to stabilize. Outriggers have a 2-ft. stud spacing for horizontally placed cross brace. Note: When free standing scaffold towers exceed four (4) times their minimum base dimension vertically, they must be restrained from tipping. (CAL/OSHA and some government agencies require stricter ratio of 3 to 1.)

Featured models in our inventory:

  • NWOR – Mason Scaffold outrigger
  • NWLDOR – Light Duty Scaffold outrigger


Diagonal Braces

Diagonal Braces offer corner-to-corner diagonal stability to scaffold towers that are cross-braced or straddle braced. Note: Any fabricated scaffold plank, when on the bottom section of any scaffold tower, will also help to prevent tower racking.

Featured models in our inventory:

  • NWDB-07– 7’ brace
  • NWDB-08– 8’ brace
  • NWDB-10– 10’ brace

Scaffold Tie Brace

Tie Bars are used to anchor scaffolding towers to a structure. Includes swivel coupler to adjust distance from structure to scaffold. Bar is available in 2 sizes. Recommend-ed tie-in requirements for supported scaffolds with a height to base width ratio of three to one.

Featured models in our inventory:

  • NWTB-36C – 36” Long
  • NWTB-48C – 48” Long


Swivel Clamp - NWSC

Designed to fit mason scaffold frames.


Side Arms

Side arms are used to extend work area outward.

Featured models in our inventory:

  • NWSA-20 – 20” Long
  • NWLDSA-20 – Light duty 20” long
  • NWSAEA-20-30 – Adjustable side arm end arm 20-30”



Hoist Arm - NWHA

Our heavy duty hoist arms feature a tubular steel frame and an upright closed steel loop for a hoist arm wheel. Our hoist arms has a 100 pound capaci-ty with a 360 degree rotating swivel head.


Hoist Arm Wheels - NWGW

Permanently lubricated bronze bearing. The hook contains a safety latch. The entire assembly is zinc plated for rust protection. 12" diameter (sheave) with a weight ca-pacity of 1,200lbs and can accommodate a max diameter of 1” rope


Hoisting Rope With Hook - 022- 066H

3/4" diameter manila rope available with a variety of different lengths and includes a steel hook.

022- 066H

Toggle Pins - NWTP

Scaffold fastening pin with swivel bar.


Snap Pins - NWSP

Scaffold fastening pin with locking wire.


Pigtails - NWPT

Gravity scaffold fastening pin is fitted through tubing and secured in position.


Coupling Pins

Used for stacking scaffolding frames above each other. Must be bolted or pinned in place by a locking pin.

Featured models in our inventory:

  • NWCP – 9" long x 1 3/8? O.D. 1” mid-point collar
  • NWLDCP – 9" long X 15/16" O.D. light duty