Scaffold Access

Stairway – NWSW-06

Scaffolding and job completion cannot occur without a high enough ladder to take you to the heights you need to reach to accomplish work. Our heavy duty stairs have the durability and accessibility you need to access buildings, bridges, observation towers, or renovation done inside and outside and scaffolding set ups. Used for 6’4 scaffold frames or walk thru frames.

Stairway Handrails

Keep yourself safe with our stairway handrails. These rails enable access high points with the guidance and security needed to maintain a steady grip while climbing scaffolding towers. To be used with NWSW-06 Stairway

Available models:

  • NWSW-06 (Stairway)
  • NWHI06 (Inside Hand Rail)
  • NWHO06 (Outside Hand Rail)


NWHI06 and NWHO06

Access Ladder – NWAL64

Access ladders allow worker access to platform inside on the scaffold unit. Can be used on rolling or stationary towers. Designed to fit 6’4” frames.


Access Ladder Handrails– NWALHR

Make safety a priority while using an access ladder with access ladder handrails.


Climbing Ladder

These tubular type external ladders provide a method for climbing any scaffold tower and can be assembled with the tower or after the tower has been fully erected.

  • NWCL-06 - 6’ Section
  • NWCLT-06 – 6’ Top Section Access
  • NWCL-03 - 3’ Section
  • NWCLB – Climbing Ladder Clamps