Roof Scaffold

Chimney Brackets - NWCB

Chimneys are the highest points of a roof, so you need the security in place to ensure that any roof scaffolding is a success. Chimney brackets serve as 'starter' platform to level off sloped roof so 5-ft. wide scaffold frames can be erected around chimney construction...or chimney repairs Adjustable to most roof angle from 2:12 to 12:12 pitch. Can be used with Ultimate Ridge Hooks.


Ultimate Ridge Hooks - URH

Set includes one complete pair of Ultimate Ridgehooks. All that is needed is enough 2" X 8" framing lumber to sufficiently provide a nailing base for roof or chimney brackets.

With Ultimate Ridgehooks, chimney brackets and a set of staging, an 'off the peak' chimney can be efficiently worked on by setting up on the low side, planking up to a comfortable working height, and planking over to the roof to access the high side. 1750 lbs. load rating at 45 degree angle. Adjust from 4:12 to 12:12 pitch. Ideal for use on all pitched roofs, even metal, slate and shake roofs. Ultimate Ridgehooks secure as much staging as needed - even off both sides of the ridge - without ever having to penetrate the roof sheathing.





Hoist Arm - NWHA

Our heavy duty hoist arms feature a tubular steel frame and an upright closed steel loop for a hoist arm wheel. Our hoist arms hold up to has a 100 pound capacity with a 360 degree rotating swivel head.


Hoist Arm Wheels - NWGW

Permanently lubricated bronze bearing. The hook contains a safety latch. The entire assembly is zinc plated for rust protection. 12" diameter (sheave) with a weight capacity of 1,200lbs and can accommodate a max diameter of 1” rope.


Hoisting Rope With Hook - 022- 066H

3/4" diameter manila rope available with a variety of different lengths and includes a steel hook.

022- 066H