Wood Planking

Wood Planks

Wood planks that can stand up to every type of stress—including rain, snow, heat, cold, heavy loads and wear from numerous assembly and dismantle cycles. Safe—proof-load tested to ensure compliance with quality standards and OSHA de-flection limits.

  • Reliable—made from multiple layers of thin veneer to minimize the natural in-consistencies in wood, like knots.
  • Predictable—manufactured to provide consistency you can feel.

Scaffold Planks are manufactured to the following design properties, and are proof-tested at the manufacturing plant to verify that they meet or exceed these properties at the time of manufacture:

Modulus of Elasticity (E): 2,200,000 psi
Flexural Stress (Fb): 2900 psi
Horizontal Shear Stress (Fv): 145 psi

Featured models in our inventory:

  • NWWPL-16 – 16’ length x 9.5” width