Rope Grabs, Retractables, and Lifelines

It’s hard enough to reach the heights you need to - you shouldn’t have to worry about moving up and down a vertical rope. Luckily, rope grabs make this a snap. Directly at-tach it to a line, and you can navigate it with ease and brake quickly when necessary. We’re happy to provide durable rope grabs and lifelines to take you higher.

Featured models in our inventory:


  • Velocity Cable SRL
  • Halo Cable SRL
  • Rope Grab: works with ropes that are 1/2” to 5/8” in diameter.

Velocity Cable 42002

Halo Cable 10915

Rope Grab 01505


  • Manual Rope Adjuster for 5/8” rope
  • Poly-dac Vertical Lifeline (30-foot, 50-foot, and 75-foot lengths)
  • 6-foot Bantam Web Self-Retracting Lifeline (aluminum and steel rebars in-cluded in select models)
  • Max Patrol Self-Retracting Lifeline Galvanized Cable
  • AutoCoil 2 20-foot Steel Cable Self-Retracting Lifeline
  • AutoCoil 2 11-foot Web Self-Retracting Lifeline
  • AutoCoil 2 18-foot Web Self-Retracting Lifelines

Manual Rope L210100

Poly-dac Vertical Lifeline L2010

6-foot Bantam R430006

Max Patrol

AutoCoil 2 20-foot R210020

AutoCoil 2 11-foot R230011

AutoCoil 2 18-foot R230018