Every harness needs a lanyard to work. It makes your life easier by clipping on the surface you need to scaffold and providing enough strength to handle your weight. Nation Wide Ladder wants our customers to be safe at all costs, which is why we have plenty of lanyards to browse!

Featured models in our inventory:


  • Rope Grab: fits 5/8” or 1/2” thick safety ropes. Grab locks automatically.
  • Cross Arm Strap
  • Internal Shock Lanyard

Rope grab with 3’ shock lanyard - 01503

Internal Shock Lanyard 11200


  • 12 foot Free Fall Lanyard
  • 12 foot Free Fall Twinleg Lanyard
  • 6-foot SoftCoil Twinleg Lanyard
  • 6-foot DeCoil Stretch Single Leg Lanyard

12 ft Lanyard C311120

12 ft Twinleg Lanyard C411120

6-ft SoftCoil Twinleg Lanyard C451100

6-ft DeCoil Stretch Single Leg Lanyard C341200