Maintaining a level surface is an absolute must when working on a ladder. Your safety and job completion depends on it. It’s hard to keep balance when windows and other objects stand in the way, but stabilizers can markedly improve your performance.

These items keep ladders away from sensitive surfaces while keeping them in a straight line so you can have optimal stabilization, which results in more accuracy and safety. Stabilizers are also rather easy to install, which makes life easier.

Our stabilizers can span double windows and other considerable distances, and we also offer models that contain paint can clips so you can have your tools readily avail-able. Keep safety and accuracy priorities with our stabilizers. Some assembly may be required depending on the model.

Featured models in our inventory:


  • LP2200 Aluminum Stabilizer
    Spans 47 in and provides a standoff of 10 in. For use on extension ladders of all duty ratings. Attaches in minutes. Mar-resistant rubber end caps protect the work surface. Paint can hook included. Ideal for stabilizing the M1 series multiladders when in scaffold or stairway positions.



  • Quick click stabilizer (AC78)
    The QuickClick™ Stabilizer spans 44in and pro-vides a standoff of 10in. Requires no tools to attach to ladder. Spring-loaded locking latch makes it easier and quicker to install/remove than any other stabi-lizer on the market. Mar-resistant rubber end caps protect the work surface. Paint can hook is included.
  • Adjustable true grip stabilizer (97P)
    The 97P Adjustable TRUE GRIP®; Stabilizer and Surface Protectors span double windows. Span adjustment: 49 in, 57 in or 65 in. Stand-off distance 12in or 29-1/2 in. Quickly converts stand off distance for larger overhangs. Mounts quickly and easily. Comes with one stabilizer, rub-ber pads, fleece bonnets, mounting hardware and instructions.



Tie Down/Roof Zone

  • Stand off stabilizer (48599)
    Helps prevent costly gutter damage when placed directly on roof. The Ladder Stabilizer may be used with standard extension lad-ders for greater stability and safety. The 48599 can attach to TranzSporter TP Series power hoist to prevent gutter damage.
  • Corner Stabilizer (48586)
    Fits all duty rate aluminum ladders. Stabilizer Includes rubber caps and hardware and features 18” stand-off.

48586 – Tiedown/RoofZone

48599 – Tiedown/RoofZone

48599 – Tiedown/RoofZone

2470 - Qualcraft