Ridge Hooks

Quickly and safely access steep roofs. Attaches to the top two rungs of any ladder or extension ladder. Simply roll/slide the ladder past the roof peak and turn over, the hook secures to the opposite side of the roof peak.

Our selection of ridge hooks ensures that your ladder stays stable. You’ll be able to climb with ease once a hook gets installed, and you’ll be much safer as you continue to work. It’s a win for practicality and safety purposes.

Ask our team about the array of hooks we have at our disposal. We’re happy to help you safely use our ladders, and a ridge hook can make being safe that much more straightforward. You need no tools for these pieces.

Featured models in our inventory:


  • 11082: includes fixed wheel and reinforced hook. Made for D-rung and round rung ladders. 300 lb. load capacity.

Tie Down Engineering

  • 65005: enables simple, quick access to steep roofs. Includes rubber grip bar to prevent damage to roofs.


  • 2481: Provides ideal method of securing the top of a ladder to a rooftop, when used with a paired ladder hook.