Leg Levelers

The legs of a ladder are its foundation and need to stay in good shape. Without them, you simply cannot use a ladder. To perform well, they need to stay balanced and se-cure. Enter leg levelers: base units that attach to the bottom of ladders and keep them secure while maintaining a level surface.

Featured models in our inventory:


  • EZE1000: Automatic ladder leveler.
    Levelers instantly and automatically adjusts to any uneven surface. No levers, locks or pins to manually adjust. Fits any width or length of aluminum or fiberglass extension or straight ladder. Legs automatically adjust up to 9 inches allowing for use with steps and sloped terrain.


  • 2475: Basemate Ladder Level System.
    No Drilling required as the Basemate easily attaches to the ladder for quick installation and removal. Perfect for climbing on uneven surfaces. Weight tested to 1,200 pounds. Fits most ladders 12” - 18” rung width.


  • LL-STB-2QC: Quick Connect Leveling System.
    The system is easy to install, with quality base units and levelers. Attachment is safe, quick, and secure. The Levelok (KeyLok) System keeps the weight and bulk off the ladder until the accessory is needed, thereby enabling quick, safe attachment or detachment of a product that meets all the North American, portable ladder standards, including the recently published ANSI, A14.8 Ladder Accessory Standard. This qualifies the Levelok Leveling System to be used on ladders up to and including a Type 1AA, 375 pound duty rating. Comes with 2 Quick Connect Base Units and 1 Quick Connect Ladder Leveler.

    This product is approved for use on the following ladders:

    1. Extension Ladders
    2. Articulating Ladders (Little Giant, Werner MT, etc.)
    3. Straight Ladders
    4. Combination Ladders
    5. Sectional Ladders
    6. Step Ladders