Alum-A-Pole Sliding Brake


Alum-A-Pole goes beyond conventional scaffolding by offering the Alum-A-Pole sliding brake. It is efficient, durable, and dramatically improves work performance. You’ll be able to accomplish jobs three to five times faster than average and not worry about pencils or other accessories.

Rigid removable aluminum worktable. Takes only 5 seconds.
4 Maximizers.
2 Scissor hands.
Slitter Guide Bar.
Built-in track-mounted slitter.
Power locks permit 1/4" bends.
Lifetime wearable parts warranty.

Coil Holder w/ Slitter, legs and wheel kit options available

Maximum Bending Capabilities:

28 Gauge Soft Steel
16oz Copper
.024 Soft Aluminum
.035 Vinyl Coil


Fits on in seconds to Alum-A-Pole brakes, no tools necessary.

Wheel Kit

The Wheel kit for the Alum-A-Pole brake is removable in seconds. Grass friendly. Makes brake weightless.

Coil Holder

Fast and easy slitting while holding your coil stock. Built-in track-mounted slitter means slitter can never drop. Mounts in seconds.

Alum-A-Pole Brake - APBRAKE

Legs - APLEG

Wheel Kit - APWH

Coil Holder - APCH