Do Your Extension Ladders Need Repair?


There are several key factors involved in keeping your extension ladders safe for use. The first begins with choosing the right ladder for the job. Once your equipment is established, ensuring proper setup, maintenance, and knowledge on proper usage is essential. Yes, we said maintenance.

Like any piece of equipment, maintenance is an imperative part of keeping your ladders functioning as they should. Enduring normal wear and tear, extension ladders require TLC to ensure the safest work conditions, and Nation Wide Ladder is here to help! 


Why maintaining extension ladders is essential.

Having safe equipment brings peace of mind when it comes to safety – failing to maintain ladders compromises integrity. To avoid this, being vigilant by performing regular care and maintenance is critical. 

By maintaining your ladders, you are decreasing the risk of injury or even death. Before and after every use, ensure that your equipment is clean. Furthermore, you should inspect your ladder before each use. Inspect for loose rungs, damaged feet, missing identification labels, etc. Finally, you’ll want to ensure that you are storing your ladders properly. When not in use, always store your ladders horizontally on racks, and never hang them by the rungs. 


Can a ladder be repaired?

Safety is the number one priority when working with ladders. Whatever the repair may be – from welding to replacing parts – Nation Wide Ladder can handle your maintenance needs. Regular and proper maintenance is important to ensure you don’t need to repair your ladder or replace them too often. Sometimes the best solution to a broken ladder could be to rehabilitate it! 

Often, the cost of a new ladder is far more expensive than repairing your current one. At Nation Wide Ladder, our experts take the time to thoroughly inspect your ladders to provide you with an accurate quote for its rehabilitation. We offer this service to anyone from state power companies to roofing companies. 



Regular and proper maintenance for any ladder, but especially extension ladders, is essential to ensure safety. For more information or expert ladder assistance, contact the team at Nation Wide Ladder today (603) 434-6911. For decades, our team has proudly served and helped professionals across the New England area.