Why You Should Invest in a Fire Escape Ladder

Alum-a-pole from Nation WideWe often talk about all of the fall protection and Alum-A-Pole safety features in our scaffolding because we know how important safety is at Nation Wide Ladder. We want all of our customers to use our ladders with care and to prevent injury, and that is why we have fire escape ladders available for purchase. We cannot predict when or why we might need to use an escape ladder, but we have a few reasons why you should invest in one.

Gives a safe way to exit a higher story. For most homes, there is often one staircase leading to the second or third story. Having a fire escape ladder gives anyone who might be trapped on a higher floor the opportunity to get out of your home without the concern of jumping.

Prevents additional injuries. Many injuries and deaths occur while unsafely searching for another exit. Having a fire escape ladder in the second story of your home can help calm possible panic and get more people out effectively and efficiently.

Stored safely in the wall below a window. Nation Wide Ladder carries a fire escape ladder that is permanently installed in the wall under your window. Keeping this tool right below the point of exit can get more people of your home faster and safer than before.

Easy to use. Having a fire escape plan for your home is important, and knowing that you might not be there when emergency occurs is a great lesson to teach young children or others in your home. Having a ladder that is easy to deploy means your loved ones can protect themselves even if they are alone.

From safety to construction equipment, we carry it all because we care. Being able to provide our customers with the best products possible means we have peace of mind, and we think you should too. With more questions, call us today at (800) 228-2519.