Why Winter is Dangerous for Construction

Nation Wide Ladder wants all of our customers and their crews to be safe, and take special care during the winter seasons. As a company that sells Alum-A-Pole and follows OSHA closely to learn about injury concerns on construction sites, we can think of some reasons that winter is a dangerous time of year for construction and construction workers.

Freezing temperaturesAlum-A-Pole from Nation Wide Ladder

To begin, these temperatures can quickly become a problem for workers on your site. Not only is there a chance of hypothermia, frost bite, and other related dangers, it can also heighten potential concerns of respiratory restrictions, heart attack, and more. Lower temperatures mixed with strenuous activity can be a lot of work on the body, and result in potential injury.


Ice not only can weaken the equipment you are using to work, such as scaffolding, but also proves to be a hazard in all areas of the job site. Ice can be difficult to see and form on nearly any surface. On top of being a danger to slip, it can also cause freezing in pipes which are often thawed in dangerous ways, causing explosions and harm to employees.


This is especially important for those who are clearing snow after a storm to return to work. OSHA has documented numerous accounts of workers falling through buildings and fire escapes caused by snow covering areas of roofs and other heightened places and in turn covering dangerous holes that have led to severe or fatal injuries.


When working on the rooftop of a building, on ladders, or any other equipment that is located off the ground, the wind becomes increasingly more dangerous. The large differences in temperatures we face during the winter season across the country have been known to cause wind chills, and in turn, make working on nearly any surface outdoors dangerous.

Nation Wide Ladder encourages all construction site workers to research OSHA regulations for these winter dangers and to contact us for all their scaffolding needs in MA, NH, and across the country. Our experts are here to ensure that when you use our equipment, you are protected the best way possible, even in the winter months.

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