Why Is Walking Under Ladders Bad Luck?

Even if you don’t believe in luck or spirits, you’ve heard all the classics. Don’t step on cracks, watch out for black cats, and do not, under any circumstances, walk under ladders. Have you ever wondered where these superstitions come from? At Nationwide Ladder, we’re dedicated to knowing everything about MA ladders – including superstitions that surround them.

Before we get into the supernatural reasons you shouldn’t wander under a ladder, let’s talk about the practical ones. Moving the ladder, even just an accidental bump, could cause it to move and throw whoever or whatever is on it off balance. The person or bucket of paint could fall on you – injuring you both. Further, if the ladder falls over, it could crash into something and break it or damage the floor.


A History of Bad Luck

Okay, now for a little history. Origins of this superstition vary: there are some variations recorded both in medieval times and in Ancient Egypt. In medieval times, ladders were thought to resemble gallows – where people went to be hung. When you walked under a ladder, it was believed that you would then face death by hanging. It was also speculated that the spirit of those killed was trapped in the triangle like shape created by the ladder.

In Ancient Egypt, pyramids were considered sacred and very powerful. And a ladder leaning up against a wall – or a free-standing one – created a triangle/pyramid-like shape. Walking under the ladder broke the power produced by the sacred pyramid, creating lousy luck.


How to “Undo” Bad Luck

If you find yourself under an MA ladder, have no fear. There are many ways you can reverse the damage. It’s thought that you can “undo” your newfound bad luck by walking back under the ladder. (Although we suggest making sure there is no one on it before you do that.) If you are in a public place, you can also cross your fingers until you see a dog – this supposedly can eliminate your bad luck as well.

At Nationwide Ladder, we want to bring good luck to all your projects by providing you with the safest MA ladders and safety equipment available. Call us at 603-434-6911 to learn more about what our extensive inventory.