Why Fall Protection Matters

For anyone who might be new to construction or technical work, fall protection might feel like another expense to add to the long list when buying construction equipment. You could be wondering how important fall protection is for your job site when it is a “small” project, but we can think of three very important reasons why you should always invest in this safety equipment.

Fall protection from Nationwide LadderIt helps your team. Statistically, the number one reason for injury and death for construction crews is falling on the job site. Fall protection keeps your crew safer, demonstrates concern and compassion for your employees, stops severe or even fatal injuries, and keeps your project moving along according to schedule.

It safeguards your business. Being a reliable company to work with is important for the integrity of your business for both moral and fiscal reasons. Fall protection and following common rules and regulations gives your customers peace of mind and a favorable opinion of your business when you put in the extra time and money to ensure the safety of your crew and those who might be near their work.

Federal regulation requires it. It doesn’t take an accident for fall protection to be brought into question. Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has specific standards set for fall protection in the construction industry, and when these regulations are not followed and documented, they can result in fines and other possible company consequences.

Though the short term benefits of not buying fall protection when the need arises might be tempting, the long term consequences can result in irreversible damage for your employees and business. Luckily, Nation Wide Ladder is your one stop shop for construction equipment and fall protection. Learn more about our inventory online or call us today at 9800) 228-2519.