When In Doubt, Use Common Sense!

Whenever we have new customers enter our store for the first time, we’re excited to teach them the ropes of buying ladders in NH! Our experts love to show off some of our latest and greatest construction equipment because it’s what we’re passionate about. Every once in a while, we will receive calls after these customers have left the store about proper ladder use, and our most common form of advice is use common sense!

Though it might seem silly, we truly believe in this statement! Many ladder related injuries are caused by going against most “common sense” practices of safe ladder use, and can vary in their severity. There are plenty of regulations put into place by OSHA and other safety organizations which keep construction crews safe, but when it comes to do-it-yourself work, not everyone follows those exact guidelines.

– Read the instructions for your specific ladderFall from a ladder

– Always check the ladder being using

– Place ladders on a hard, flat, unmovable surfaces

– Do not attempt to move the ladder while in use

– Never attach two ladders together for extra length

Even a simple Google search for common ladder safety practices can help clarify lingering questions that might cloud the back of your mind, but we know the answer might not always be available to you. That’s where we come in. We want all of our customers to practice safety, and to complete their projects without hurting themselves or others around them.

If you’re searching for new ladders or are interested in our construction equipment, get in touch with our experts at Nation Wide Ladder. We ship across the United States and would be happy to answer any question you might have about ladders or ladder safety. Give us a call today at (800) 228-2519.