Warehouse Ladder Safety Tips

Nation Wide Ladder always wants our customers to get the most out of our fall protection and construction equipment, and for that reason, we are well-versed in many of the standard safety tips provided for our products. If you are looking to invest in a warehouse ladder, remember these important guidelines.

Inspect the ladder before useLadders in NH from Nation Wide

It’s essential to thoroughly assess the ladder before daily use, especially if your warehouse ladders receive frequent use. The inspection process includes checking the brakes, ensuring all lock mechanisms are intact, making sure each step is sturdy, checking the rail so it is not wobbly, and looking for loose screws. Sometimes even a small shake of the ladder can help identify problem areas that need fixing before use.

Use it correctly

Common sense might be one of the most misplaced tools when it comes to ladders and ladder safety. Many injuries and accidents occur from misuse, so always be sure to review your instruction manual. Follow capacity limits, do not extend further than the maximum height, never carry more than you can handle and other similar practices.

Have a buddy system

Working with someone as you use a warehouse ladder can do a lot to prevent potential injury from occurring. Having someone to hand items off to makes it less likely for you to fall while carrying it on your own, makes moving the ladder easier while someone guides the front and the back of the equipment, and provides an extra set of eyes on you while you reach dangerous heights.

Be Aware of your surroundings

If you have worked in a warehouse previously, you know there are often multiple gears moving at the same time, which can increase the chance of accidents. Always be sure your ladder is positioned away from other moving machinery, is close enough to your desired shelf (to avoid overreaching), and not left in the aisle as a fire hazard.

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