Truck Equipment You Didn’t Know You Needed

Truck equipment from Nation Wide


When you’re in the technical industry, any construction equipment that makes your life easier is a blessing. This extends past your work site and even to your truck! Nation Wide Ladder loves helping our customers simplify their day-to-day, and one way we do that is by offering equipment options you might have not even realized you needed!

Truck Boxes

Depending on how much room you can use in the bed of your truck, one of our many boxes might be the answer you were hoping for. Hi-side, lo-side, crossover, and more, there is a way to organize your equipment and lock it safely away each night. Present your business to your customers and clients in the best light possible.

Ladder rack

When you’re moving from site to site all day long, it’s important your equipment is attached to your truck well. Traditional roof racks often times are not equipment with the necessary safety required for a ladder, and not to mention a ladder rack organizes your ladders well and keeps your truck tidy.

Spool and reel holder

If you’re already in need of a ladder rack, this accessory is an ideal option for you and to avoid a tangled mess in the bed of your truck. Keep your wires organized, accessible, and easy-to-use on a holder. It will make your job easier and faster in the long run, we assure you!

Conduit Carrier Kit

If you don’t have the room to spare for a truck box or simply don’t have a need for an entire truck box, these carrier kits are a great accessory to your vehicle and keep your most important tools close to the rest of your equipment in a convenient way that can also be locked for safety.

With more questions about our truck equipment, our ladders, or the rest of our extensive inventory, give our experts a call today at (800) 228-2519.