Truck Boxes Built for New England Builders

SEC X2 BoxWorking in the construction industry is fast-paced and often you find yourself with a bed full of supplies and tools. Between organization, moving to different job sites, and wanting to keep your tools safe by closing the cover, it’s often found that a truck bed can be in disarray. Nation Wide Ladder has been supplying truck equipment to companies and individuals who are always picking up new materials but want to keep their tools away from the weather and vandalism.


We offer a wide range of truck boxes that will suit the needs of any construction employee or do-it-yourselfer. From hi-side truck boxes to cross over boxes, our sizes and heights vary to fit your truck well while locking pads and reinforced lids can give you that extra peace of mind when it comes to the security on a job site or in your own driveway.


Being located in Windham, NH is another important note about our options: we understand construction and jobs alike do not stop for our harsh weather. Our materials are built with weather guard protection to withstand our never-ending winters, spring showers, and sweltering summer heat.


On top of the protection from weather and theft, our boxes organize your truck bed in minutes. No longer are you sifting through piles of gear and material trying to find your tool belt. Our boxes will make your life easier with our modest sizes and structural design to keep your tools organized in the box, and allow you room to arrange materials your bed for easy transition from job site to job site.


Between steel, aluminum, and multiple color options, Nation Wide Ladder has all you need to make the decision that is right for your style and budget. Give us a call today at (800) 228-2519 to ask about our available truck boxes.