Tough Systems for Tough Jobs

Alum-a-pole from Nation WideReplacing the shingles on your home or updating your siding is no easy job. Nation Wide Ladder offers Alum-A-Pole scaffolding systems to help make the job easier. Our scaffolding systems are ideal for any big jobs that you may have, whether it be a personal project or a large-scale construction operation.

Alum-A-Pole is certified for use at heights up to 50 feet and has been approved by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) to hold up to 5,000 pounds. The system allows you to work safely and comfortably at excessive heights. The adjustable joints and braces let you work at exactly the height required for your job.

The system can be broken down into convenient stacks that fit comfortably in the bed of a pickup truck for easy transportation. Some versions of the portable system can be assembled and broken down by a single person. Even our most complicated scaffolding system can be assembled in about 30 minutes by an experienced team.

Nation Wide Ladder has a variety of accessories to accompany your Alum-A-Pole system. We offer the Saf-T-Net and end rail systems to prevent accidents that may occur on the job. We also stock a considerable collection of fall equipment so if the worst does happen, you can be prepared.

For the tough jobs at the toughest heights, call the place with even tougher scaffolding systems. Nation Wide Ladder has all of the equipment to make sure your job is safe and easy. Call us at 1-800-228-2519 to order your system today.