Tips While Working On Scaffolding

It isn’t uncommon that when we’re talking about scaffolding in NH or MA with our customers, they are quickly followed by the words fall protection and safety. Though this construction equipment is created with safety in mind, some users might not know or follow basic safety tips while in use. Because Nation Wide Ladder wants our customers to be as safe as possible, we have a few safety tips while using scaffolding in the future.

Scaffolding NH and MANote possible dangers

Scaffolding is ideal for reaching areas you might not otherwise on a site, and that also means being closer to possible hazards. Be sure to note power lines, ground stability, and more while you are planning out the first placement of your equipment.

Work at a pace you’re comfortable with

It’s not a secret that construction sites are on a strict timeline and budget, and you might feel that you’re working at a fast pace to keep up. We always suggest working at a pace that you are comfortable with to avoid mistakes and accidents.

Keep the site organized

Because of the pace you are working, you might find that your materials and equipment are thrown about. Try to avoid this as much as possible! It can not only be a danger to you and your other crew members, it can be a danger to bystanders.

Use proper training techniques

Be sure you and other workers are well versed on the proper techniques for using equipment like scaffolding. One of OSHA’s top violations regards the proper use of scaffolding, and to avoid injury and delays, make sure your crew is prepared.

For any and all your scaffolding needs in MA and NH, Nation Wide Ladder has the answers for you. Our experts would love to help you learn more about our options and the best tips we have for scaffolding use. With more questions, call us today at (800) 228-2519.