Summer Time Means Tackling Those Big Outdoor Projects

Ladders in NH from Nation WideOnce again, the harsh New England winter and a rainy spring have given way to warm, clear days. Homeowners are looking to finally get around to all those projects that they might have put off last year. One of the most crucial pieces of hardware that proves invaluable to the DIY homeowner is a safe and mechanically sound ladder. Lucky for you, Nationwide Ladder can provide you with ladders in NH to take on the most demanding jobs around your home.

Here are a few weekend DIY projects you might consider undertaking with the help of our safe and durable ladders in NH.

Gutter Cleaning

Proper gutter maintenance is pivotal to maintaining not only your roof, but your drip edge along your home. While some gutters are covered or sealed, most homes in New England have open-top gutters, which allow foreign debris like twigs, leaves, and even birds’ nests to clog your system. Because most gutter systems are only designed to allow water through them, a stoppage can have serious consequences once fall and winter roll around. Get a jump start this summer and flush your gutter system.

Cracked Or Damaged Tree Limbs

When it comes to trees, it’s always best to leave the heavy duty limb removal and pruning jobs to expert arborists. But for smaller jobs, a sturdy ladder and lopping shears can go a long way towards not only maintaining and saving a damaged tree, but improving the overall aesthetic of your yard. Always be sure to work safely and slowly when working with trees on a ladder.

Touch Up Your Home’s Paintjob

New England is legendary for its ability to wreak havoc on buildings’ facades. But with a ladder and our wide selection of ladder accessories, you can safely and effectively reach damaged window trims, door trims, and flower boxes on your house that might be in dire need of a fresh coat of paint.

These are just a few handy suggestions for how to use our wide selection of ladders in NH. With a trustworthy ladder at your disposal, no DIY project on your property will be out of your reach!

Stop putting off those projects and give us a call at 603-434-6911.