Steps to Stabilizing a Ladder

As a company that sells ladders to MA and NH residents everyday, we have new customers walk through the door all the time! It’s Ladders from Nation Wideexciting for us to work with people who are motivated to improve their business or home, but our biggest concern is safety. We want all of our customers to return time and time again without any accidents in between! Ladders are simple to use if you know how to stabilize them, and we have these three steps to ensuring you set it right the first time.

Check condition of ladder. The first step in knowing if you can use a ladder safely is if the ladder is in working order. No matter if it is your first or tenth time using the same ladder, going through this small check list is essential to staying safe. Checking the rungs, the legs, joints, and working with the manufacturing instructions means preventing your ladder from falling over and you falling off the ladder as well.

Place on stable, even surface. We have seen those “ladder fails” all over the internet, and most of the time, they are placed on ridiculously dangerous surfaces which result in accidents to both the project and the user! The feet or base of your ladder should be fixed on a nonslip, level ground, and its also suggested you have someone holding the bottom of your ladder while in use for an extra safety measure.

Secure ladder to surface. Though your ladder can be placed on the best surface possible, your body movements and other outside elements might cause a shift in the ladder. Your ladder falling backwards while standing it can lead to some serious injuries, so its best to fasten your ladder to the surface you are working on to avoid this common mistake.

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