Staying Warm in Outdoor Construction

For anyone who has braved a New England winter in the past, they know that the best way to deal with the cold is to be prepared for it! Many people only face the frigid temperatures while walking to and from their cars, but many work outside on scaffolding in NH who have their winter wear down to a science and have some great tips for those harsh wind and weather conditions.

Consider functionalityrestoration of the building

Not only do you want to wear clothes that you can layer and cover multiple surfaces of your skin, but you also want to be sure you can move appropriately. Limited mobility might be dangerous, so it’s important to take into consideration more than just the temperature when you dress.

Always have spares

There is always a chance you will need extra clothes, and having an extra outfit saves you so much time and misery to have them stored in your truck just in case. In the moments where your normal clothes get wet or damp, you’ll be thrilled to have something warm and dry waiting for you to change into and avoid hypothermia.

Invest in quality clothes

There might be some items that you can skimp on just to save yourself a couple of bucks, but often the best clothes for construction in the winter cost a little extra. Though you might be worried about if you are getting your money’s worth, doing the research and investing will save you money and keep you warm when you need it most.

Through our years of selling Alum-A-Pole, scaffolding, and other construction equipment, Nation Wide Ladder continues to learn little lessons along the way about how best prepare for construction sites, no matter the time of year. Our experts can offer you our experiences and knowledge to choosing the best equipment necessary, and provide some fun tips along the way.

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