Fall Protection: Staying Safe at Dangerous Heights

It’s no secret that buildings require constant upkeep, and sometimes that upkeep means working at high levels. Climbing ladders or scaffolding systems may be second nature to some, but fall protection is an element that remains constant. However, once the work begins, it’s not uncommon to focus on the job over your safety. Lucky for you, Nation Wide Ladder has the equipment you need to avoid the dangers of a nasty fall.


Harnesses and Roof Anchors

A harness is the lifeblood of a safety kit. Not only is this piece of equipment reliable, but it is incredibly portable, making it ideal for any job. At Nation Wide Ladder we carry various harnesses designed to work at different heights for different jobs, eliminating the fear of falling while maintaining mobility. Furthermore, several of these harnesses are compatible with accessories to increase comfortability and make carrying your tools easier. Likewise, you’ll need a stable core to keep you grounded. With a firm anchor, you can attach to lanyards and stay rooted in your work.

Roof anchors are a great form of fall protection because they connect you permanently to a wood beam on the roof. Roof Anchors have two purposes:

  • They can either help prevent a free fall by attaching a lanyard or lifeline to the roof. This would lock you to the building so you wouldn’t fall to the ground if you were to work more than six feet above it.
  • The roof anchor could be used as a tether attached to your harness. This method prevents you from entering a hazardous place, like a weak spot on the roof or the edge of the building.



Another helpful group of products is our collection of self-retracting lifelines. These lifelines work similarly to the way a seatbelt in a car works. The cable expands and retracts easily when moved slowly, but when it is pulled out quickly the cable locks. This prevents you from tumbling to the ground and spreads most of the force from falling throughout your harness.

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We ship our products anywhere in the United States, and we offer door-to-door delivery in New England. As always, thank you for your continued support. Our team is here to ensure you have the right tools and information to keep you safe on the job!