3 Specialty Ladders Everyone Should Have

If your daily tasks involve climbing a ladder day in and day out, you know a ‘ladder’ is not a one size fits all solution. While many people assume a ladder is a ladder, this belief couldn’t be farther from the truth. Specialty ladders provide innovative solutions to unique situations. Whether it’s maneuvering a ladder through a tight situation or trying to minimize the up and down trips, Nation Wide Ladder & Equipment has the solution you need.

Here, we’re taking a look at three of the most popular specialty ladders and how they can help your job become a little easier.

Tripod ladder

Built to go where other ladders can’t, a tripod ladder comes in handy more often than not. As the name implies, a tripod ladder differs from the traditional ladder in that it has three legs. The third leg easily fits through studded walls, over shrubs, and other hard to maneuver areas, making seemingly tricky jobs easier. And, if that isn’t enough, the tripod is generally 15% lighter than traditional ladders.

Dual-purpose ladder

If you’re a multitasker, the dual purpose ladder is for you. The innovative design enables this type of ladder to become two ladders in one. Focused on design and simplicity, users simply flip and click to covert styles. Robust in functionality and safety, the dual purpose ladder allows various tasks to be completed at once.


Despite its size, the sawhorse is highly supportive and durable, even in the most challenging jobs. This ladder combines two essential tools to create a lightweight, wide surface that supports sawing and other tasks. Further, the sawhorse is equipped with angled aluminum slip-resistant rubber feet, heavy-gauge steel hinges, heavy-duty gusset bracing, and double-rivet step construction.

Nation Wide Ladder proudly houses several types of specialty ladders for whatever job is at hand. Whether you have a unique application or require a multi-functional ladder, our warehouse has the stock to make it possible. Beyond having what you need in stock, our prices often beat out the big-named competition.

For more information on specialty ladders, contact Nation Wide Ladder & Equipment today at (603) 434-6911.