3 Types of Scaffolding For Every Job

If you’re in the industry, scaffolding can be the deal breaker to safely completing a project. However, did you know that there is more than one type of scaffolding? Contrary to popular belief, there is interior and exterior scaffold. Beyond that, access, safety features, and accessories also come into play. Who knew the world of scaffolding was so large with so many choices?

Here is a look at the three most common types:


Interior Scaffold

As the name implies, interior scaffold is used for jobs inside. Whether you’re painting a ceiling, hanging drywall, or restoring brick, this tool comes in handy when hard to reach spaces are at play. Unique designs protect the stabilizing pins to prevent accidental unlocking, ensuring the utmost safety and stability when working.


Roof Scaffold

If you’ve ever been tasked with chimney work, you already know how tricky the environment can be. As one of the highest points of a roof, having security with roof scaffolding is a must. Chimneys serve as a ‘starter’ platform to level off any slopes. From there, wide scaffold frames can be erected around the chimney for the ultimate safety.


Exterior Scaffolding

Again, as the name implies, exterior scaffolding is for outside jobs requiring height. This type is probably the most commonly known, as it is the most widely seen. From masonry restoration to painting, the uses of this tool are endless. However, beyond giving you the height needed to complete a job, a scaffold also provides a place to securely keep your tools. Forget about the up and down, you can have everything with you, securely situated on the platform.


As mentioned, there are several other elements that come into play to ensure your scaffolding is of the utmost safety. From handrails to access ladders, upgraded planking to wall brackets, Nation Wide Ladder & Equipment has what your job needs.  For more information, visit us online or give our team a call to find out how we can turn a potentially dangerous workplace into a safer one (603) 434-6911.