Protect Yourself this Autumn With Fall Protection

Fall protection from Nationwide LadderThis Autumn, Nation Wide Ladders wants you to be fully educated in fall protection, but we aren’t talking about the weather. When climbing ladders or using a scaffolding system, your safety should be your first priority. Using our safety equipment ensures that you will be protected from falling.

Nation Wide Ladders offers a wide variety of harnesses, lanyards, self retracting lifelines (SRL), roof anchors, ropes, rope grabs, snap hooks and carabiners. Depending on the job you have in mind, we have the safety equipment for you.

Our harnesses range from climbing harnesses for scaffolding to retrieval harnesses for crossing planks to positioning harnesses to keep your balance while on a ladder. We also offer tool belts, back pads, leg pads and shoulder pads to make your harness more dynamic and comfortable.

Lanyards are available in a variety of lengths and are effective in preventing a dangerous fall. In the event that you may fall off a ladder or a scaffolding, the lanyard would prevent a free fall from happening while absorbing most of the shock of the fall. Nation Wide Ladder also offers a variety of SRLs which are often more effective than the typical lanyard because they allow for less free fall time before activating.

Most of these safety materials are sold in our fall protection kits. All of our equipment can be viewed on our website. For information a free consultation or for an estimate, call us at 1-800-228-2519. We deliver to the New England area and we ship nationwide!