Wall Brackets

Made of tubular steel 1.25” O.D. and bolts through up to an 8” wall.

Note: No more than 2 employees shall occupy any given 8 feet of a carpenter's wall bracket scaffold at any one time. As recommended, OSHA requires carpenter's wall bracket scaffolds to have guard rails, mid-rails and toeboards. Platform load on any wall bracket should not exceed 500 lbs. Plat-forms using 2" X 10" wood plank and 2" X 4" guard rails are limited to a maximum spacing of 8 feet between brackets

Available models in our inventory:

  • NWCWB – Wall bracket
  • NWCWBP – Carpenter wall bracket guardrail post

NWCWB - Carpenter Wall Bracket

NWCWBP - Carpenter Wall Bracket Posts