Ladder Anchor Straps

For a secured anchored base or fly section, look no further than ladder straps. Just wrap them around the structures or anchor to a roof you will use to create a focal point. You’ll have more security, stability, and more. It’s a simple, efficient way to stay safe. Nation Wide Ladder proudly carries Levelok straps for customers.

  • L2R
    Easy to use. Minimizes side-to-side slippage. Solid zinc cam buckles. Works with most roofing material. Helps prevent marring of gutters and roof edges
  • LSS-150
    A conventional extension ladder is a marvelous tool, but it was not designed to set up on something round – especially something as small
    as a utility pole. Unfortunately, workers in the utility and cable industries are forced to set their ladders up against poles on a daily basis. It’s a dangerous situation that can easily result in a “kickout”. Use the longer straps for securing the mid section of the ladder and the smaller straps to secure the top. With the LeveLok Ladder Safety Strap properly installed, side rail movement is limited to a maximum of 3 inches. And it takes less than a minute to set up!