Nation Wide Ladder Helps Avoid Ladder Disasters

Fall from a ladderThe internet is a great place to go for a laugh or two, and Nation Wide Ladder has been sent multiple pictures of people working on ladders that are cringe worthy! Not only are they often accidents waiting to happen, they are impacting the safety of anyone in the immediate vicinity. We have a few suggestions for ways to avoid these silly mistakes by investing in ladders and scaffolding in NH through us!


Stacking ladders or placing them on other objects. Have you ever heard the expression of the 2-inch heart attack? This is a common occurrence on a ladder set correctly on a flat, nonslip surface, let alone when the height creates further instability. Nation Wide Ladder has extension ladders long and safe enough to avoid this disaster.


Leaning ladders improperly over staircases. Whether it is wedging the ladder between the banister and opposing wall or hanging the ladder’s legs off the staircase steps, both are extremely dangerous and unpredictable. Articulating ladders are a much safer, and much less complicated answer to this problem.


Creating makeshift scaffolding. Scaffolding companies such as Alum-A-Pole offer the best protection possible because they extend to heights that can be fatal or seriously injure its user. Investing in buying or renting these items is essential to any job site is much more important than risking lives.


Propping ladders without on unsuitable surfaces. A ladder is only as sturdy as the surfaces it is placed on. Working with step ladders that have great foot pads means avoiding slips and other mistakes. Also, never forget to have a friend hold the ladder steady for you!


Not using ladders at all! One way to ensure any injury is not having the appropriate equipment for the job. Stacking boxes or standing on someone’s shoulders are just accidents waiting to happen. Ladders, regardless of the model, are always worth the investment to combat these situations.


Have you committed one of these ladder fails? Give us a call today at (800) 228-2519 to talk with our experts. We’ll help you find  ladders and scaffolding right for your job, and we can teach you all the do’s and don’ts of proper ladder use.