Ladder Safety For Painting

It’ might be winter time, but that doesn’t mean that we can’t get some work down around the inside of our house to make the spring chore list just a little shorter. Though many don’t consider painting during this season, it’s the perfect time to do it! With the cold and dry air, your house will be painted in no time, and it gives you an activity to do no matter the time of day. As a company who sells ladders to MA and NH residents all the time, we have a few tips while your painting those hard to reach places on your ladder.

Choose the right ladder for the jobconstruction_equipment

With different ceiling heights, stairs, and other factors, you need to be sure you’re selecting a ladder that fits in your home and will help get the job done correctly. Consider ladders with adjustable legs for different floor heights, and always opt for a slightly taller ladder if you are concerned about reaching the highest peaks.

Never stand higher than the fourth rung at the top of the ladder

Have you ever noticed that when you are using a ladder that you become more unbalanced as you climb? Not only do you not have anything to hold on to while on the ladder, but you are also likely to wobble and even fall. Standing on the top four rungs of a ladder is extremely dangerous, and is liable to lead to some injury.

Use accessories to hold your painting equipment

It’s always suggested never to walk up a ladder while holding other items, and we couldn’t agree more. Consider buying accessories for your ladder, like small platforms that attach to the rungs. This little addition makes your painting process a lot easier and eliminates the chance of you potentially falling.

Test the consistency of your surface

From problem subfloors to slippery canvases, it’s better to be safe than sorry. Before you begin using your ladder, examine the surface it is on. Stand on the bottom rung and wiggle from side to side. This is a great and safe way to ensure that you are firmly planted on the ground and will not have problems when you are at a heightened level.

From construction equipment to a simple ladder for your home, Nation Wide Ladder has the inventory you need. No matter the size of your project, our experts can help you choose the perfect model and are here to answer any of your questions about ladders and ladder safety.

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