It’s National Ladder Safety Month!

It’s not every day Nation Wide Ladder can celebrate a holiday directly related to our products and services, but now we have an entire Ladders in NH from Nation Widemonth to do just that! Did you know that this March marks the first ever National Ladder Safety month? As a business that sells ladders in MA, NH, and across the country, we couldn’t be more excited to share the news!

By making ladder safety a priority in the workplace and at home, people across the country are hoping to prevent one of the over 300 ladder-related fatalities and other injuries that happen every year.  The American Ladder Institute (ALI) is the presenting sponsor of this first annual awareness month and believe, like many of us, that ladder accidents are preventable.

Each week of the month will focus on different areas:

March 1-11: Why Ladder Safety and How It Affects Everyone

March 12-18: Ladder Safety at Work

March 19-25: Ladder Safety at Home

March 26-April 1: Ladder Inspection and Disposal

Throughout the entire month, there are various trainings, webinars, symposiums, and other events similar to help promote ladder safety, increase safety training, and decrease the chance of death and injury related to ladder use.

Nation Wide Ladder appreciates and recognizes just how important ladder safety is, no matter when or where in use. When you work with both commercial and residential users as often as we do, you learn how essential it is to be as educated and current as possible. Our team of experts often help guide our customers through the various accessories and features of our products to provide the most comprehensive instruction related to safety. If you have questions about your ladder, look no further than us!

With more questions about ladder safety, get in touch with Nation Wide Ladder today by calling (800) 228-2519.