How to Stay Safe on Ladders

Ladders are vital tools for contractors and homeowners alike. Unfortunately, they can also be one of the more dangerous tools if the proper safety protocol isn’t followed. Any time you step on a ladder, whether it’s for a home improvement project or a work job, you take on inherent risks. Read on for a refresher on some of the easiest and most important things you can do to stay safe.


Check The Weight Limit

Before you step on the ladder, make sure it’s rated to support both yourself and the load that you are carrying – from Christmas lights to paint cans. Do this by checking the maximum weight rating written on the side of your ladders.


Check The Angles

Most ladders should be set up at an angle of 75.5 degrees. To test this, you can stand at the foot of the ladder, toes touching the base, and with your arms extended, the palms of your hands should reach the rung that is shoulder height.

Be sure that the ladder is set on even ground, is away from any doors, and is not touching any live wires. Bonus points if you have another person hold the ladder in place.

Once your ladder is safely assembled, you are good to go ahead and climb. Be sure to always keep your body centered, and never lean too far to one side – that could lead to a fall. The rule of thumb is that if you are wearing a belt, the buckle will never be outside the right or left rail.


Don’t Climb All The Way Up

Further, do not climb the top three rungs of the ladder, and never stand on the top step. Instead, choose a ladder that ends at least three feet beyond your working surface or rooftop. Make sure you put your ladder away as soon as you’re done with them. Leaving one unattended could lead to injury.

Ladders are a necessary tool for an array of jobs, but be sure to take the required precautions to prevent harmful falls. Call us, Nation Wide Ladder, at 603-434-6911 for all your ladder needs!