How to Keep Your Work Van Organized

Truck equipment from Nation WideWhether you are self-employed or part of a larger company, your work van makes a big first impression when you show up to a new job site. Though you could be the best professional in the business, your customers might see your truck’s condition and worry about your commitment to maintaining your vehicle and equipment. In turn, they may question your commitment to your work. We have a few organization tips and truck equipment ideas to keep in mind that not only save you time on the job site as you scavenge for tools, but also maintain a great look.

Map out how you want your van set up

Sometimes, it can be completely overwhelming to look at a disorganized mess and not know where to start. We’ve all been there before. Many people benefit from mapping out their tools/equipment, setting them into categories, and organizing everything on paper before physically moving objects around.

Organize according to use

If you know you use certain tools or items more often than others, then be sure to plan around your dependency on the items. For example, you need to have enough material if you find yourself on the road more often than not. As you travel, you will provide quotes or talk with homeowners about their options for your services. You want to be sure your van has the equipment for that: stock up on standard paperwork, folders, pens, a laptop, tablet, or other daily things near your door, and designate your stored equipment towards the back.

Label, label, label!

As you approach the end of your organization venture, begin to mark! Be sure to label where items are supposed to go clearly. Not only is it a great reminder for those forgetful days, but it also makes clean up at the end of an exhausting day even simpler without the frustration of jamming tools into areas which they do not fit.

Come to Nation Wide Ladder

Many vans or trucks need a bit of an uplift, and we have the inventory for attending to that. Whether you’re in need of roof racks, interior storage (such as bins or lockboxes), or other similar items, Nation Wide Ladder has it all. As a company who has been in business for over 40 years, we know what our customers need, and we are willing to provide it.

If you have more questions about our truck/construction equipment or services, check us out online or call our experts today at (800) 228-2519.