How to Choose Interior Scaffolding


Many times people hear the word scaffolding and think of metal structures attached to the outside of a large commercial building.  What many do not realize is that scaffolding can be utilized for many different reasons.  Interior scaffolding is particularly popular amongst those involved with interior renovations or construction.  Depending on the job at hand, your scaffolding needs may range from a mobile cart to a structure that can safely boost your height while working.

Mini Mobiles

Mini scaffolds are a versatile solution, particularly with interior scaffolding needs.  Having multiple uses, these 4-6 foot units come in handy for several different reasons.  With planks that adjust to various heights, mini mobiles are the perfect solution for working scaffolds, storage shelves, push carts, or workbenches.  The non-marring wheels prevent damage to flooring and lock securely into place.

Square Tube Scaffolding

Perhaps you require a higher grade scaffolding unit than the mini mobile.  Whether it is drywall or high ceiling painting at hand, the square tube interior steel rolling scaffold can handle the job.  This unit can handle up to 1,000 pounds and offers locking casters that swivel for 360-degree mobility.  Further, the platform height is adjustable in 2-inch increments making unique working heights and uneven surfaces a concern of the past.


As always, be sure to follow safety instructions when working with any type of equipment.  Nation Wide Ladder has earned its reputation of excellence for providing superior customer service.  Their team has the expertise to assist and inform you of any questions regarding the proper interior scaffolding and safety precautions.  If you are in need of scaffolding and not quite sure which equipment will best suit the job, contact Nation Wide Ladder today (603) 434-6911.