Getting the Most Safety Out of Nation Wide Ladders

LaddersWhen you shop with the experts at Nation Wide Ladders, you’re ensuring that you’re not only getting the best rate on ladders, fall protection gear, and accessories for ladders, but you’re helping to ensure you get the right ladder for the right job. Whether it’s a long term purchase for your company, or just a replacement ladder to keep around your home for those DIY projects, you can count on the expert sales staff at Nation Wide to help guide you to the right ladder product for your needs.

Especially when it comes to ladder safety, you won’t find more accomplished associate willing to help you complete your order. Ladder falls and accident around the home account for a substantial amount of trips to the emergency room every year. And when these kinds of accidents happen while at work, whether you’re at a retail location, or on the job site of a client, the situation becomes instantly more complicated. Insurance agents become involved and OSHA might be contacted to ensure that your job site was adhering to federal guidelines for safety.

When there’s so much at stake that depends on your ladder safety equipment, you want to make sure you’re only purchasing the best gear at the best rates for your needs. When it comes to fall protection, Nation Wide Ladders should be your first and last stop. We offer a wide selection of harnesses, scaffolding, and ladders safety fall kits. When you or your workers are depending on a critical piece of gear in case of a fall, you need to make sure you’re protected. Our selection of lanyards, harnesses, stages, and planks will help you not only get your job done, but ensure that you and your employees finish your job safely.

When it comes to ladder supplies in New England, as well as other height-based construction accessibility equipment, you can depend on Nation Wide Ladders to help you achieve your goals for the best prices. Contact our talented and knowledgeable sales staff today by calling us at 1-800-228-259.