FAQs About Scaffolding

It’s not every day you must buy scaffolding for personal or business use. Perhaps one of the most important parts of owning any scaffolding system is awareness of standards set in place that prevent injury of your employees, yourself, or your business. Nation Wide Ladder receives many questions about our products, and we have a few FAQs we hear more often than not.

How many people do you need to build scaffolding?Scaffolding NH and MA

For more standard scaffolding, it usually takes a minimum of two trained employees, as it is dangerous to attempt these projects alone. When you invest in equipment such as Alum-A-Pole, a one-man assembly is possible.

 Who can use scaffolding?

OSHA requires that all personnel that use scaffolding must have training, no matter the type of scaffolding installed.

Are there add-ons we can use to make our scaffolding taller?

According to OSHA, you can not add materials or devices to your suspension scaffold to increase your work’s height. Such materials include and are not limited to boxes, barrels, and ladders.

How often do you need to inspect scaffolding?

Scaffolding should be inspected every morning and before use. Someone who can identify potential hazards should inspect the structure on and around the scaffolding. They should also be able to make the appropriate adjustments to eradicate those threats.

What are the general standards for scaffolding?

There are multiple levels of standards OSHA has set for scaffolding regarding fall protection, capacity, platforms, footings, training, inspections, and more. All of these details are discussed and highlighted in OSHA’s “A Guide to Scaffold Use in the Construction Industry” publication which is found here.

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