Fall Protection Tips For Ladders and Scaffolding in MA

Nation Wide Ladder offers a wide variety of fall protection items to optimize safety. Most injuries that occur from the heights of ladders are due to hazardous behavior rather than malfunction of ladders or scaffolding. Here are a few tips that Nation Wide Ladder & Equipment offers for fall protection on your ladders and other construction equipment:

Fall protection for scaffolding in MA

Scaffolding in MA is a crucial part of construction. Many workers have been using scaffolding for years and are extremely comfortable atop scaffolding as construction equipment. People can become desensitized to the danger of heights when spending weeks, months, and years working from high places. However, just because you are very comfortable on scaffolding does not mean you couldn’t benefit from fall protection precautions. Everyone who uses scaffolding as construction equipment is highly aware of one thing: the fall. But there are many other dangers present when working on scaffolding that you may not consider during construction.

Secure scaffolding

It may seem very obvious, but the extra minutes spend ensuring that a ladder or scaffolding is level can make all the difference. Contractors who are hard pressed for time, or have assembled scaffolding many times in their careers may view its installation as routine, but all it takes is one brief lapse of judgment to cause injury.

-Always double check to make sure your scaffolding has been erected on a flat surface that can support its weight capacity. The slightest divot in the foundation can cause the entire scaffolding structure to lean when built higher.

We offer safety harnesses and other fall protection construction equipment to ensure that you are safe in the event of a fall. Using fall protection equipment during construction is always good form to prevent injuries.

Protection from falling construction equipment

Fall protection is as much about protection for others as it is about you. If loose tools, debris, or other construction equipment falls from high scaffolding, it could cause a lot of harm to people or property below.

Always clear the scaffolding of debris and other construction equipment whenever possible. Abandoned tools or other items can easily fall from the side.


Be sure to keep the amount of people on the same scaffolding platform to a minimum. Multiple bodies sharing a small space, and having to balance in a small space while working, greatly increases the risk of fall.

Scaffolding MA construction_equipment

Scaffolding in MA can be particularly dangerous if conditions grow icy in the winter and even late fall.

Always check scaffolding in MA for ice, snow, or any other objects that could cause you to be off balance. Never use scaffolding in inclement weather!

We offer a wide variety of fall protection construction equipment. If you would like to inquire about safety equipment for your ladders or scaffolding, feel free to contact us at 603-434-6911.

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