Ensure Ladder Safety With This Construction Equipment

construction equipmentChances are you have prepared yourself for your next home project or job assignment with a ladder, the paint or other supplies you need, and set aside the space you plan to work on. However, have you thought of giving your safety a boost? Nation Wide Ladder and Equipment offers quality items to add to your construction equipment arsenal that will keep you safe and enhance performance.


1.) Platforms 

For those moments you need a quick boost, a platform will do the job. With an aluminum base and 300 pound load capacity, you should be able to navigate the surface no problem and have the extra lift you need.

2.) Ladder Covers 

It may be one of the last things on your mind, but a ladder can cause some serious damage to surfaces after plenty of contact. Get some piece of mind with ladder covers that will prevent scrapes and other damage.

3.) Stabilizers 

Making direct contact with a window or other vulnerable surface will not end well, especially if the object in question is as heavy as a ladder. With a stabilizer, a ladder stays in place and resists the elements when they strike, creating a safe, stable space for you to work from.

4.) Levelers 

Despite how disruptive and inconvenient they can be, working on uneven surfaces is inevitable. However, there is construction equipment available to take care of the problem. For ladders, there are levelers you can attach to the bottom. It will keep the ladder level, and ensure you stay safe.

5.) Job Bucket 

Carrying around extra supplies can be hard to do when there isn’t much room at your workspace. A job bucket is ideal for conserving space and holding all of the tools you need. Whether you work outside or are a tradesperson that goes from home to home, having an extra place to store your essentials is invaluable.



With these items, your job will become easier and safer. For more quality construction equipment and ladders, contact Nation Wide Ladder and Equipment at 1-(800)-228-2519. We’re happy to help!